SprintPacer introduction

SprintPacer is professional autonomous robot vehicle intended for sprinters and mid-distance runners to improve their running performance. By using artificial intelligence and near real-time high speed pacing (up to 45km/h), it is intended for simple use on athletic track. Also, its foldable and slim design enables it to fit in standard size backpack.

Inspired by speed training

SprintPacer is versatile tool for various types of speed training:

  • submaximal effort training (focus on technique and coordination)
  • maximal effort sprinting
  • pre-race pacing tactics (200-800-1500-3000m races)
  • flying sprints
  • speed endurance training
  • other slower pacing

Created by runner for runners

SprintPacer was created by a passionate runner and Information Technology specialist, Tomislav. Is search for ways to improve his 400m time under a minute, SprintPacer was born, giving him an ability to perfectly pace 15s for each 100m, even in a curve.

How it works
Install "SprintPacer" mobile application
Turn the SprintPacer on, put in on the desired track line, set distance or speed in app's settings, and click GO.
Run with SprintPacer and review running results in the app.

Visual pacing for anyone

Although designed for sprinters and mid-distance runners in mind, SprintPacer can be used by anyone that wishes to improve his acceleration and top speed, as well as speed endurance

Mobile application with simple controls

Mobile application is available to control SprintPacer, its distance that will cover, speed that will reach and then maintain, and other settings.