Preorder SprintPacer
Included: 3 month speed improvement guarantee*

Price: 798.00 €

Expected Shipping on 5-2025

Included in the box:
-SprintPacer robot (final look is subject to change)
-Quick start guide
-Detailed manual with training examples
-Battery charger with appropriate country socket / adapter

*3 month speed improvement guarantee - this means if your running speed does not improve after 3 months of using SprintPacer, you can return it and get your money back. Shipping cost excluded. Speed improvement can be only verified if you are attending official races in your country. For example: your 200m time is 28s, you buy SprintPacer, and after training for 3months with it you run 28.5s. Simply contact us with attached results, and after our validation, you can return SprintPacer.

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